About DehatKiMandi

"DehatKiMandi" is an E-Commerce company. This is combination of supply chain technology and agri information platform in India, building to connect the farming community with the suppliers in a more transparent manner with the vision to ‘Empowered Farmers' via increasing the farmer’s income through reducing the pre harvesting cost.

DehatKiMandi has a unique customer focused strategy leveraging the current technology ecosystem that differentiates us from the competitors and thereby providing efficient agri services to farmers and suppliers. 

We believe that farmers who work with us as a collective (Self Help Groups, Cooperatives, NGOs working in Agri domain, and Farmer’s Producer Organisations) or individual will get benefit. It is not only in terms of financials, but also in terms of skilling, reskilling, adoption of Good Practices, network advantages etc. 

DehatKiMandi is working with several leading agri inputs suppliers across India to bring their products on DehatKiMandi platform and providing transparent, competitive and quality services to agri community. This platform focused on disintermediation in agri inputs supply chain and technology-enabled information services. 

This platform reduces broadening gap among sellers and buyers in agriculture world and welfares suppliers/sellers to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. The platform goes forward to add broad ambit of agri products (seed, crop protection, instruments, accessories, livestock’s nutritional supplements etc), services and solutions to serve end-to-end farmer needs."

Our Values

  •        Quality of the product
  •        Authenticity of the product
  •        Guaranteed best price
  •        Create wealth through saving
  •        Create jobs in villages
  •        Profit Sharing through incentives
  •        Empowering farmers by creating “Farmer Champions”